Hail Yeah! Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Hailstorm Safety and Roof Protection with Stonehouse Roofers, San Antonio’s Family-Owned Roofing Experts!

Living in San Antonio, you know that springtime can bring sunshine and…well, sometimes hailstones! But don’t let the thought of a hailstorm bring you down at Stonehouse Roofers, your family-owned and operated roofing experts! We believe in keeping San Antonio families safe, and that includes keeping our little heroes informed. Here are some engaging activities that will turn hail safety and roof protection into a fun learning experience for your kids:

Storm Sensory Play:

  • Hailstorm in a Jar: Fill a jar with water and different-sized objects like marbles, beads, and cereal. Explain that these represent hail and how bigger “hailstones” can cause more damage. Let them shake the jar and observe the “storm.”

  • Sound of Safety: Gather pillows, blankets, and cardboard boxes. Explain how these can create a safe haven during a hailstorm. Let them build a “storm shelter” and imagine the muffled sounds of the storm outside.

Creative Champions:

  • Rooftop Rescue: Build a miniature house using cardboard or Legos. Let them design a “hail shield” out of construction paper or cardboard cutouts. Brainstorm different materials that could protect a roof from hail (discuss the limitations of paper though!). Here at Stonehouse Roofers, we use only the highest-quality roofing materials to ensure your home is protected, just like a superhero’s shield!

  • Hail Hero Comic: Help them create a comic strip where a superhero named “Hail Hero” protects the town from a hailstorm. They can draw the hero reinforcing weak roof spots, warning people to stay indoors, and checking for damage afterward. Want to be a real-life Hail Hero? Stonehouse Roofers offers free roof inspections after hailstorms to make sure your home is safe and sound!

Story Time with a Twist:

  • Hailstorm Havoc: Read a children’s book about storms, then rewrite the ending together, focusing on how the characters stay safe during the hailstorm. Discuss the importance of listening to grown-ups during a storm.

  • Rooftop Rap: Write a short rap together about the importance of a strong roof. Use catchy rhymes about different roofing materials and how they withstand hail. Here at Stonehouse Roofers, we specialize in long-lasting, hail-resistant roofing to keep your family safe and your home worry-free!

Safety Savvy Scavenger Hunt:

  • Hidden Hazards: Hide pictures of potential hailstorm dangers around the house (broken windows, damaged cars). Let them find these “hazards” and brainstorm solutions to stay safe.

  • Storm Shelter Scramble: Hide flashlights, blankets, and pillows around the house. Create a list of clues leading them to these items, culminating in a designated “safe spot” during a hailstorm. Stonehouse Roofers wants to make sure your family knows exactly where to go during a storm!


  • Keep it age-appropriate. Tailor the activities to your child’s understanding level.
  • Make it fun! Use positive language and celebrate their learning.
  • Practice what you preach! Have a designated family storm shelter and discuss your hailstorm safety plan with Stonehouse Roofers, your trusted partners in roof protection!

By incorporating these fun activities, you can help your kids become informed and prepared for hailstorm season. After all, a little knowledge goes a long way, especially when it comes to keeping your family safe! And remember, when it comes to your roof, Stonehouse Roofers, San Antonio’s family-owned roofing experts, have you covered…all year round!

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